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Anticipation is a key factor in figuring out what will happen in the wireless industry over the next couple of years. As entertainment migrates to the handset, it's predicted that revenues from games on mobile phones will reach $6 billion by 2005. How? Many questions remain, but there are some strong players joining in to find the answers. Do you remember Carnac the Magnificent? One of the most enduring segments of the pre-Leno Tonight Show was arguably host Johnny Carson's portrayal of the mystical Carnac. His turban and cloak-wearing character could divine the answers to yet-to-be-asked questions that were "hermetically sealed" in envelopes, and presented to him by sidekick Ed McMahon. These "answers" ended up being little more than seemingly unrelated words, statements, or names. To great comedic effect in many cases, Carson's Carnac character would tear open ea... (more)

When One Door Closes…Another May Open

The slow death of Metricom threw their customers for a loop. Here was a company that provided a unique service, yet burned through a billion dollars, and is now seemingly missed by all. Denver-based Aerie Networks recently bought most of the key Ricochet assets for a mere $8.25 million during bankrupcy court proceedings. What went wrong? Here, leading voices from the industry give their take on why a great product wasn't enough... and what the future holds for investments in the mobile Internet space. When one door closes, another door opens. Or does it? Those who are building m... (more)

A Few Questions for Philippe Kahn, CEO of LightSurf Technologies

In a sea of seemingly incompatible MMS strategies, divergent mobile operator schemes, and innumerable advertising campaigns aimed at would-be U.S. camera phone users, Philippe Kahn navigates enviably. Philippe Kahn is the CEO of LightSurf Technologies, his third successful startup in as many tries (and the second founded with his wife Sonia Lee). Well known for his pioneering leadership at Borland, which resulted in the mass adoption of many of the company's personal productivity software and development tools, he is becoming equally well-thought-of for his vision. Following his... (more)

Good News for Wireless Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial interest in wireless was strong at this year's TiEcon conference in Santa Clara, CA. After all, there's more money under management at VC firms now than at any time in history. It's just not being handed out as freely to seed and first-round investments. Falling stock valuations, bankruptcies, frigid IPO markets, restructurings, and layoffs by the thousands have overwhelmed our technology industries throughout the first half of 2001. As Guy Kawasaki of venture capital investment bank, Garage Technology Ventures, puts it, many companies have seemingly gone from "G... (more)

Wireless is Alive and Well in…Southern California

Just as northern California drew the greatest technical talent in the semiconductor industry to Silicon Valley, southern California has become a hotbed for the telecommunications industry in San Diego. This mecca for engineers, software developers, and technical managers has also become the unofficial headquarters for the venture capital industry. Now that the hype has died down, it's time to look at the next phase of wireless ideas being generated there. Fortunately for us, we're living in an era where technological progress can be measured in "Internet Time" - the somewhat clo... (more)